Installation Using Web Man

Introduction: What is Web Man?

Web Man is a web site that manages other webs on the server with it. The user points a browser at Web Man, then interacts with its pages. These pages have forms with buttons and JavaScript event handlers that call Perl scripts by AJAX. These scripts do the actual work on the server: moving pages, editing the site map, installing navigation bars, applying templates, checking links, etc.

Web Man is designed to run on a workstation that also has an Apache web server running. It can also run on a remote server, but is probably not secure there in its current alpha form. I have not yet got it working on Source Forge.

Getting Help

Web Man has a general help section, which is really a specially formatted copy of its own site map. This serves as a table of contents for Web Man's help system.

Each page of Web Man has a help section. When you click a link from the Help page, you will be taken to that page's help section. Each page also has internal links to its own local help, bugs and feature request sections. Look below the control or edit area.

Every page has a link to back the general Help page.

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