About Open Source

Of benefit to users, Open Source software is licensed so you can download and use the software free-of-charge. The source code for Web Man and all other Open Source software is made available free-of-charge; you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.

Web Man's license is the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The text of this license is also in the source tarball.

About SourceForge.net

SourceForge.net is the world's largest provider of hosting for Open Source software development projects. SourceForge.net provides a variety of services to projects, including a download mirror network, collaborative development tools (like CVS and Subversion), and tools to support discussion and support. These services are provided to projects and their end-users free-of-charge.

This site managed by Web Man. Developer: John M. Rasor. Source Forge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webmann/   Web Man License: GPL.