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Web Man gives you control over the large-scale aspects of your web site.

You can:

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Web Man is an open source partial work-alike for Microsoft Front Page (TM) or Web Expression (TM)..

Releases and changes

2/4/13 alpha009:

The installer script can install needed Perl modules. It can install on a remote server or a local workstation that has Perl and Apache. Required for this: cpan, gcc, make.

Entering "." as the web name in the main editor opens the whole workspace in the folder view. But that can really slow things down if your workspace has a lot in it.

Click-delay-click handlers now do renaming of webs, site map links, folders and files.

Publishing by ssh and rsync.

Link repair.

A tutorial and an "About" page. Look under the Help menu.

6/2/11 alpha008:

Simplified cross-browser asynchronous and synchronous Javascript and XML support (Ajax and Sjax, or ambiguously Xjax).

Upload files from client workstation to server. Doing that refreshes the views and re-checks links from navigation view to folder view.

Extended drag handler to scroll a view when item dragged is pushed off top or bottom of that view. This permits user to drop that item somewhere that is not initially visible.

A crude HTML text editor, hardly more than a plain textarea. Added double-click handler to main edit page, so that this editor comes up with the source code of the item clicked in folder view, or the item to which it links in the navigation view.

Bug fixes: inability of applycss.cgi to find the DOCTYPE, applykeyword.cgi inability to find keywords, failure of main editor page index.htm to load the views without Apache errors. This bug was introduced by adding the hidden iframe upload area.

5/15/11 alpha007:

Bug fixes for template applicator.

Install script can now pull distribution tarball from Source Forge, check it, and install it.

Simplified the logging code.

Help page has site map links, instead of just dumping map on page by server- side include. Rendered links take webmaster immediately to the help section of the relevant page.

Webs view page is mostly functional. Lists webs, allows copying or deleting whole webs. Allows making a new web. Allows selection of a web for editing. This page uses double-click to edit a web, and uses click-delay-click to edit a web name.

9/29/09 alpha006: Installation script. Bug fixes in logging system.

Drop the tarball somewhere in your Apache's DocumentRoot, then extract it with

$ tar xjf wmspace.bz2

Then run the Perl install script.

8/24/09 alpha005: Simplified installation, sample Web Man and Front Page (TM) webs, improved templates for Web Man developers. Added functionality: site-wide DOCTYPE, key words, style sheet applicators.

8/21/09 Added css, DOCTYPE, keywords applicators. Release alpha005 is coming soon.

8/17/09 Added style sheet applicator.

8/12/09 Some documentation: introduction, installation, usage.

7/30/09 alpha004: adds Microsoft Front Page (TM) --> Web Man site converter.

7/18/09 alpha003: initial Source Forge release. Pre-alpha. Navigation bars, link checking, formatting from a template.

This site managed by Web Man. Developer: John M. Rasor. Source Forge page:   Web Man License: GPL.